High quality products & prompt service
Established in July 2015, it specializes in providing Capacitive touch panels and control ICs.
Based in Shenzhen, China, with excellent manpower and a completed semiconductor industry supply chain in Korea, ACDC is able to provide high-quality products and prompt service to our customers worldwide. Our application-driven design of the Capacitive Touch Controller IC , versatile touch screen panel and SW algorithm, and tools that serve customers to build robust industrial computing systems.
Obtained around 100 patents in Capacitive touch IC design and algorithm
Including around 20 invention ng patents
SINCE  2015

Our goal is to become the #1 Touch Solution supplier in the Public Display Makert!

We provide a one-stop solution
7~55inch solution ● USB/I2C/RS232/SIP/Custom protocol ● High-speed sensing & ● processing architecture ●
● FW algorithm development(Water/Palm)
● FW tuning service (Accuracy/Sensitivity/Response time/20point touch point)
● Driver (F/W upgrade, Test tool)
● OS compatibility (MAC/LG etc.)
● Custom IP & F/W developed per customer's  requirements
Tailor-made TSP Design ● High C/P Value ● Raw material quality control ● Rigid vision inspection standard ● Shape/Coating ● Design optimization and Fitting ●
● PCB/COF design services manufacture
We provide a one-stop service, the most appropriate touch solution according to your needs.
Our Vision & Business philosophy
Offer the best technology-driven touch systems that melt into our lives
●  To break through the technical limit of Capacitive touch IC operating
    principles led by a unique high anti-noise design. ●  To embody human-friendly reliable touch operation by smart SW
    algorithm and auto-test/diagnostic solutions. ●  To develop super-large-size control IC development (with a smart
    active pen) for conference and education systems.

●  Invest & expand IC design R&D team in Korea ●  Setup package & test in China
●  Annual shipment achieved 20 million US dollars. ●  Launched new generation of industrial touch IC AM126B/AM80B series ●  KFC, Lotteria Self –Kiosk phased in mass production.
● Set up Korea branch
● LG smart touch refrigerator project phased in MP
●  Over 42 million US dollars in sales. ●  AM84B Touch IC mass production.
●  McDonald's US, UK and several more countries.
●  Hyundai smart “Home application” has entered MP
●  Wallpad,Eco Home “Food grinde”
●  Established Shenzhen HQ in August. (Algorithm/Software Research Institute)
●  Started from a exclusive distributor of LG Silicon-works Add-on Touch Controller IC, 4101 Series
●  Set up Taiwan branch office ●  AM24B Touch IC mass production Obtained McDonald's self-service machine approval
●  Hana Bank/KEB Bank ATM project into MP. ●  Alipay KIOSK approval and into MP. ●  Hisense KIOSK approval and into MP.

No.3906, 39F, Block A, International Center of Tian Xia,6 Taoyuan Road, Nanshan Dis., Shenzhen City, China, 518052

Tel: +86 755 8625 0806 / Email: Danny@advancustom.com

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