Capacitive touch IC
RISC-V 32-bit MCU
Max 126 channels (Tx 46 & Rx 80)
Mutual capacitance and self-capacitance sensing
Interface: USB, I2C, UART, SPI
Ultra-low noise AFE
High SNR ADC × 40
Max 150Hz report rate
Max Tx output drive voltage: 8V
Support high impedance
IC own design and algorithm software development ability
Touch IC Roadmap
Touch Control IC Line-up
SW algorithm :
Tool :
Different sensing (Self, Differential, CDM, etc.) algorithm development ability
User-friendly - Auto tuning
Power noise, factory large machine noise, home appliances noise, outdoor environment noise corresponding algorithm.
Easy-FW Update tool for Windows/Linux/Android
Easy-FW Update tool for Windows/Linux/Android
Different size (5~86 inches) algorithm development ability
Add-on touch function user interface SW tool
Accurate test detection rate algorithm
Customizing - UI design/APK etc.
* ESD experiences : max. reaches 8Kv with contact and 30Kv with air ESD test condition for system set

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