Touch Display Module
ACDC offers a wide range of both standard and custom-developed Projected Capacitive(PCAP) touch liquid crystal display modules, with both commercial and consumer displays available. Combining our high-performance PCAP multitouch technology with a range of LCDs to offer customers a turnkey solution that reduces development cost and lead time while offering superior design flexibility and customizability.
●  Supports up to 6mm cover lens for the most rugged touch applications.
●  High customizable cover lens - silk screening, cut outs, enhancements, etc.
●  Water rejection and gloved touch supported (nitrile, latex, vinyl, cotton, etc.)
●  Optical bonding available for enhanced module performance and lifespan.
●  Designed for highly customizable touch interacƟons and UI.
Smart home
Gaming machine
Dart & Casino
Industrial &
Retail & POS
Medical & Education
EV Charging station
Product Overview
Product Applications
Product Customization
Easy-FW Update tool for Windows/Linux/Android
Projected capacitive touch screen offer superior touch performance, optical quality, lifespan, resistance to damage and other considerations. They can support multiple gestures and up to 20simultaneous touch points.
Product Size Range
Customization Options
Product Support
4.3"- 86"
Full range of cover lens, touch sensor and electronics option
Firmware tuning and software support provided

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